Knightmare Pointless V - Champion of Champions

The Knightmare edition of the BBC gameshow.
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Re: Knightmare Pointless V - Champion of Champions

Post by Mystara »

Awww, now I'm laughing too hard to be cross.

<suddenly stops laughing>
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Re: Knightmare Pointless V - Champion of Champions

Post by Drassil »

I know that sound. Either a flamenco routine is about to commence, or something even more sinister is afoot.

Either way, I'm staying hidden for now. I've sought refuge in a peculiar old room I stumbled upon, filled with cardboard cut-outs of forum members past and present. A few of them have Knightmare Pointless rosettes: that's sweet. The nose isn't quite right on my one. The one of Aldude seems to have a few holes in it. A case of poor workmanship, or have you passed by this room before? :D
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Re: Knightmare Pointless V - Champion of Champions

Post by LiamABC »

Wow! I like this format - are there going to be any more? If so can you put me down for one?
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Knightmare Pointless ideas

Post by Canadanne »

I don't know if there are any plans to bring Knightmare Pointless back in the future, but if it does return, I had some ideas based on the new rounds introduced this year:

-- Picture round! 'Name the dungeoneer' could be quite a challenge, as you only see their face briefly at the start of each quest, unless they go on to win. :)

-- Anagrams (maybe actors' names?)

-- Clues to facts about Knightmare, which might include anything!

-- Naming characters or contestants that begin with "any of these letters".

-- You list three advisors, and the player has to name that team's dungeoneer?
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Re: Knightmare Pointless V - Champion of Champions

Post by GranitasIsCute »

As all Webs sites are being disabled from 1st April, all of the images in this topic will disappear as they are currently hosted on one of my sites created on Webs.

Therefore I have created an archive version of this game, which you can view here: ... R3X0a?dl=0
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