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Post by Reptilian_storm »

Hi all..

I discovered this site last night after a few too many.

We were talking about 80's and someone mentioned Knightmare....

I was instantly trasported back in time, i was so excited i was overcome with drunken emotion and i felt tears. ;D

I googled it and ended up here. Fantastic site!

Ive always said nothing good came out of the 80's other than TV and me!

Looking back now...Knightmare was actually pretty scary. I'm convinced my mental probs all stem from 80's TV. Bastards! ;D

Nice site guys, keep up the good work. :)
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Post by MoanaLiza »

Hi and welcome. Did you manage to catch up with all 8 series' which have been being shown on Challenge (last episode of series 8 yesterday). There are no further plans as yet to show series 1-8 again. There is also a new Knightmare VR being developed and hopefully will soon be commisioned. Anyway I hope that you continue to stick around this forum and come back often.
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Post by darkDescender »

Always nice to get fresh victims. Er, I mean members. And you're right, the eighties were very surreal when it came to kids shows. Anyone remember Button Moon?
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Post by Fidjit »

Yup remember that! G'day erm... Rep...tili...an_storm, did I get that right?
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Post by MagicMiranda »

Hiya and welcome to the forum! :)
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