To the owner of the site or anyone who can help

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To the owner of the site or anyone who can help

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I have tried to contact the owner of this wonderful site as to whether it is ok i have linked this site for my nostalgia website I tried contacting you several times by email but have been met with no response. I know this is unorthodox but i couldn't think of any other way off communicating. Anyway is it possible for the owner of anyone reading this. To give me a description of the premise of the Knightmare show and a little bit of the features of such as triva, fan history so i can put into my description box. My email address is
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Re:To the owner of the site or anyone who can help

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That's very strange. I assume you e-mailed me via the submission form on For some reason I have not received an e-mail from you, but I will have a look to see if there's anything wrong with the facility. Did you remember to click on 'Continue' to confirm your details after you clicked 'Send E-mail'? Sorry about that, but I normally respond to every e-mail within a few days.

Anyway, you can find a description of Knightmare on the Introduction page - feel free to copy as you wish. If anyone else can come up with a shorter description I'm sure they'll post here. Thanks.
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