Early Memories

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Early Memories

Post by stevendoig » Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:31 pm


At the moment I am watching my box set of 'The Adventure Game'. This series contains some of my actual earliest memories in my life! (Season 3 - I was 4) Anyway, it got me in the mood to post some memories of watching Knightmare on first broadcast - I'll only go up to series 5 as I taped 6-8 and watched them constantly! I was born in August 1978 btw. Having not watched the first 5 series for a few years now, some memories are hard to tie down, and ONE is curiously wrong (I'll list it though)

I remember the opening credits of the very first episode! - Not havinga clue what the programme was about , I was looking forward to a pretty cool looking cartoon series!

Really loving caspar the key.

Think the wall monsters looked like those wee squishy hand face puppet thingys you used to get in party bags.

Cedric the monk blethering on and on while the dungeoneer's life force started to run out and getting given some food just in time!

The Gargoyle saying 'doom'

Treguard being paralysed.

Being completely shit scared of the cavernwights. Going to school the next day and discovering that everyone else who watched it thought the same!

Also being just as scared of the Catacombite.

Seeing a team cast a spell to free some woman and then being trapped by a spider!

Watching a bunch of nice Scottish lassies reach a wall and then the dungeon start to break up.

Missing season 4 ALTOGETHER and not even realising I had done so, as when series 5 started I thought Pickle was a brand new character.

'Oh no master! - its a blocker!' - Not sure if Pickle said that everytime,but it felt like it.

AND - a weird one.

Speaking about Knightmare with my pal during season 6. We were discussing the hilarious time when a brand new team fell off a ledge while choosing the door in the first room and died!

Never happened obviously, but we both remembered it at the time!

Your turn!

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