Series 6 Episode 10

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Its all a lie!

Post by takako »

Series 6.
Team 5 actually died on a room with the spider.
Assuming that the following and last team of the series (team 6) who were one of the youngest teams EVER would not win, the producers allowed Ben et al to refilm that room and continue to the end and team 6 were therefore not allowed to win directly afterwards.
Team 6 were robbed. :o and not only robbed but prematurely killed by the programme makers. :'(
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Re:Its all a lie!

Post by Kieran »

Interesting theory....Where exactly did you get the idea from?
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Re:Its all a lie! (SPOILERS?)

Post by LordFear »

I agree, it's an interesting theory, but I do have one small comment.




You say that Team 6 wouldn't have been allowed to win "directly afterwards", yet in Series 7, we saw/will see two winning teams in succession (Team 6 and Team 7), so I doubt if the concern of having two straight winning teams had anything to do with any "conspiracy" since they "let" that exact thing happen in the very next series.

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Re:Its all a lie!

Post by Billy »

You might want to put a spoiler warning on that last post, LF...

EDIT: Thanks! ;D
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Re:Its all a lie!

Post by Purgatory »

I don't agree,
sounds silly, it's just a game show. ;) well isn't it?
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Re:Series 6 Episode 10

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I think the episode was quite edited to be honest. There were times they entered rooms and got straight into the action without any introduction, it seems when Nemanor sends them to the mines, they go straight for the scroll without any describing - I know not all teams do that bit anymore, but later when Ben walks along, he asks "where am i now" as if it's his regular room entering thing to say. (Even though he's still in the same area at this point!)
I know everyone loved the LF-Skarkill stuff, but I think less is more and I would've preferred a bit more plot with the boat and Ariadne, maybe even something from the Level 3 clueroom such as an object they needed to beat Ariadne - they took the mace and they never need it. There was a rope and a gauntlet on the table - can't really see how these would have been needed. Although I did keep thinking they maybe should have taken the rope, as at the end of the dwarf tunnels there's another rope on the floor before they board the ship!
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Re:Series 6 Episode 10

Post by Selphie »

I noticed that one of the advisers started to spellcast BACKFIRE when in the room with the witch shooting at them and were given the absolutely huge hint from Pickle that they should just make a run for it instead. To me casting the spell would have made sense instead of legging it. For Greystag to then tell them to discard it in the next room because it was dangerous just seemed a bit pointless; I mean why have the spell at all? The only reason I can think of is that it was a means of showing that Greystag was trustworthy.

The issue I have with this series is the transition to level 3 is a bit of a non-event. They just get there in the same way that you travel from room to room. I want a definite marker that the new level is starting. A descender would have done the trick nicely.

On the bright side, the music is good and I also thought the wind effect was neat :).
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Re: Series 6 Episode 10

Post by Canadanne »

Things we're not supposed to notice - when they show a close-up of the Level 3 clue objects, the table is suddenly on a different part of the floor. :P

Captain Nemanor makes a right old mess of his lines in this episode! First he nonsensically declares "If there's nothing more I hate than Lord Fear, it's stowaways!", and then he asks the object of their quest even though they've just told him. *g*
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Re: Series 6 Episode 10

Post by Morghanna »

An action-packed episode.
Team 5 entered witchhaven, and narrowly avoided Lord Fear's grasping hand, then Ben was hit by one of Peggatty's fire-blasts for life-force damage. 8-o They started to cast their spell, but Pickle cut them off and they hurried Ben out instead. (A let-off?)
First dungeoneer encounter with Greystagg. They wisely decided to trust her and exchanged the ring for knowledge of how to use the pooka-in-a-bottle. She also instructed them to abandon their spell as it would destroy them.
Cornered by skarkill in the next room, but they unleased the pooka on him. ;D ;D Gained a key from him. Learned the causeway combo from the scroll.
Made easy work of the causeway again.
Used the key to open the descender and entered level 3. :)

Ben picked up a string of sausages which somebody had considerately left there, then entered the clue-room. Took the gold and the cross.
Reached the ship "Cloudwalker" and paid Captain Nemanor. He sent them to retrieve an astrolabe from Ariadne, via the hold.
:exclaim: At first it looked like Ariadne had got them, but i think it was an optical illusion as she was above them. (They didn't dither, but even so they didn't really have time to gather the food, read the scroll and collect the astrolabe.)
Returned it to Nemanor, who transported them to the final dungeon. :)
A scroll offered them a choice from two spells: "TRICK" and "TREAT". :-/
Time-out arrived before they could decide. A tantalising level 3 cliffhanger....
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