A rare Knightmare advert for CITV.

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Re: A rare Knightmare advert for CITV.

Post by pjmlfc05 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:27 pm

wombstar wrote:Am I the only one who never watched any of theses other shows? I was probably about 10 so kinda stopped watching CITV and the like other then the odd show.

Although is great to see a Beetlejuice poster in the background.
Same here. Don't remember Grotbag's either! I remember programs like Woof and Bad Influence, I thought they were cool!

I loved seeing the adverts, especially the 1 with Lord Fear and Lissard! Also great to see Tommy Boyd doing the links. Brought back great memories!
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Re: A rare Knightmare advert for CITV.

Post by wombstar » Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:52 pm

I remember Grotbag being on and Woof.. never watched them.
Don't recall eve seeing Bad Influence however.
I used to watch Conan the Adventurer lol that first aired in 92, so about the same time as theses other shows. but can't remember what channel it was on.

I can't really remember what else I liked back then, I think half the time the tv was just on the background when I got home from school but there was only a few shows I really liked. (Dungeons and dragons, trapdoor were others but they were a bit earlier)

But that Woof think I hated, I've never liked 'kid actors' never. lol
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Re: A rare Knightmare advert for CITV.

Post by Pooka » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:38 pm

fluttermoth wrote:I didn't either; mostly because I was 117 when Knightmare started

Ahem. Anyway. I've posted this elsewhere on this forum (the Cliff Barry thread, to be exact), but I thought I may as well put it here too since it's relevant. A quick trailer showing a montage of CITV shows from 1993, including a little bit of Knightmare, specifically Lissard.

Exhumed from a tape I have of episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures!

Clickeh (hosted on my webspace, so you may have to download it!)
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Re: A rare Knightmare advert for CITV.

Post by Mogdred » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:36 pm

Kieran wrote:Some nice ads in here.

Aside from the obvious KM content, it is nice to see such shows as Victor & Hugo and Woof! pop up in them. Ahh, such ace times, such ace shows.
I loved them as well. Friday nights were great. I wish I'd had to foresight to tape all the Victor & Hugo episodes since the series is so damn' hard to find nowadays. Thankfully, over the years I collected almost all of them. Same goes for Knightmare of course, though thanks to Challenge and Youtube, we can watch them any time. We need DVDs of all these shows!

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