KMGW Appreciation Week

Discussion about Knightmare in youtube's Geek Week.
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Re: KMGW Appreciation Week

Post by Drassil » Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:43 pm

As it was a youtube project it's only natural they wanted youtubers involved, the risk being they play to their fans which is what happened for the most part.
The YouTubers: I'm cautious of passing that kind of judgement on Dan, Phil and Emma because I don't know them, their YouTube videos or their fanbases. Alan spent time with them during the Geek Week filming, so I would tend to defer to his assessment above. Stuart is a different matter because I have watched his videos and I've met him, as did many other Knightmare fans on the Friday night of the Knightmare Convention. (He also made quite a special contribution to Lord Fear's Midnight Hunt on the Saturday night, which I'll leave others to detail if and when appropriate.) I observed very little difference between Stuart on YouTube and Stuart in real life.

What I will say is that in the episode, I would have enjoyed hearing more from Phil and Emma to balance Dan's obvious enthusiasm. (I'm sure we can all think of at least one Series 1-8 quest that might have been more enjoyable if all three advisors were equally vocal.) And as I've hinted before, Dan's low-slung trousers and visible underwear were an off-putting fashion choice that I simply don't understand.
wombstar wrote:I don't tend to buy into this idea of being nerdy, geeky, trendy or whatever labels people come up with
I would tend to agree. It's a far cry from the multiple references to the YouTubers as emos seen on this forum in 2013, and reassuring for that.

I'm not sure whether the definition of geek has changed over time, or just the interpretation. I watched an episode of the 1990s remake of The Tomorrow People recently in which one character refers to his father as a geek and does so insultingly. If it meant a person with a keen screen-based interest or superior knowledge outside the mainstream, perhaps that now has positive connotations rather than negative.

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Re: KMGW Appreciation Week

Post by Pooka » Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:18 pm

Drassil wrote:I'm cautious of passing that kind of judgement on Dan, Phil and Emma because I don't know them, their YouTube videos or their fanbases.
My girlfriend watches all of Dan and Phil's videos and I can promise you that Dan behaves exactly the same while playing Knightmare than he does in his videos - a slightly awkward, but clearly affable, geek with bags of enthusiasm as demonstrated in KMGW.

I too would have preferred more contirbution from Phil and Emma, although Dan and Phil work best as a duo; I do like Emma Blackery quite a lot, but she could have provided more than a percieved (but false) profanity! Mind you, it's hard to talk across Dan, who was clearly having the time of his life (and who wouldn't? He's playing Knightmare!); he gave a lot of good instructions, though, so maybe it was best to just let him get on with it!
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Re: KMGW Appreciation Week

Post by stockholmsyndrome » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:54 pm

-On the whole really positive, my only beef was parts of the opening section. The graphics of Treguard's crib, back story, camera angle, too long, everything was awkward there...Probably like one of my posts :green:

-The Team has divided opinion, I thought they were completely fine + respectful. They would generate a lot more traffic and interest than any a team made up of forum members, maximising chances of success.

-Personally if anything would want to see something inspired by Knightmare return, rather than a continuation of Knightmare. Still says volumes for how highly its regarded that after all these years a stand alone episode was made.

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