Episodes In Each Series?

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Episodes In Each Series?

Post by Devanté »

Does every series have the same amount of episodes as every other one?

I've been thinking about it, really, if there were 16 episodes in each series, it would make 128 episodes.

There couldn't possibly be this many. Are there really 128 episodes?
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Re:Episodes In Each Series?

Post by Becxsmagic »

In series 8 there were only 10, I think.
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Re:Episodes In Each Series?

Post by TheBrollachan »

Taken from: http://www.knightmare.com/series/

Series 1: 8 episodes
Series 2: 16 episodes
Series 3: 16 episodes
Series 4: 16 episodes
Series 5: 16 episodes
Series 6: 15 episodes
Series 7: 15 episodes
Series 8: 10 episodes

Total: 112 episodes (if my maths is correct).
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