The Arches, which appeared on several occasions during Series 7 (1993).


An overview of the Knightmare dungeon and how it changed over the years.

Over its eight series, the Knightmare dungeon changed. Starting with hand-painted dungeon rooms by David Rowe, the dungeon started to use real-life locations such as dungeons and forests in series 4 and finally moved to fully CGI generated environments in series 8.

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Series 2. The fire cave in Level 1.

The hand-painted dungeon rooms were created by artist David Rowe, who is well known in the computer game industry for his cover artwork.


Series 8 opening sequence from episode 1

CGI elements were integral to Knightmare, even during its early years. The creators would eventually revert to a full CGI dungeon for the final series.


The town of Wolfenden, which appeared in Series 5 and Series 6.

The middle series of Knightmare used real-life locations as backgrounds to the dungeon.