Barry Thorne eavesdropping on Lord Fear with shellphone, Series 7 Quest 7 (1993)

Various TV Appearances

By Nicholas Lam

Updates of several television appearances including Knightmare or Knightmare cast members that we've heard about.


Jackie Sawiris (Majida) has appeared in Emmerdale, says Sidriss Starshine. Jackie played the part of Beth Williams in four episodes between 24 March 1998 and 31 March 1998.

Beth was an American woman who was taking part in a Management Training Course that Tony Cairns was running at the Holiday Village. In one episode she gets scared on the climbing wall and freezes. Tony has to climb up the wall to bring her down.

Techno Games

Daniel Lawrence sent some updates.

Televirtual (sister company to Broadsword who produced Knightmare) produced an animated karaoke fish called 'Vince' which you could see on Channel 4's Karaoke Fishtank series, currently on Saturday very late night (after midnight). Also from Televirtual is, where you could download an animated character who can read out your emails from your inbox.

Sub Zero

Jon Harris sent news. On the CBBC 'Sub Zero' website pages, there is an interview with Adrian Dickson (archived here) - CBBC presenter and captain of the boy's team on the recent series of Sub Zero. One of the questions is:

Where the Heart Is

In 2002, Dave Holt (forum name: KnightmareDave) spotted a glimpse of Knightmare on long-running TV drama, Where the Heart Is.

Two nurses went to a house, two children were watching TV and there it was - Series 6 of Knightmare where January was in front of the Dreadnort.


Knightmare Series 6 shows on a television screen in the ITV serial 'Where the Heart is'.

Many years later, Canadanne from our forum identified the episode as Series 1 Episode 6 ('Dream', first aired on 11 May 1997).

The relevant scene is from 32:08 to 32:46, though you only see the TV screen for a couple of seconds at 32:26.


Thank you to Dave and Canadanne for an intriguing chapter in Knightmare's history.

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Raptor, Lord Fear's Captain. Played by Cliff Barry.

Raptor was a bandit recruited by Lord Fear to lead his charge and replace Skarkill. Dim and superstitious, Raptor was not the success that Fear hoped for.

Smirkenorff Flights

Smirkenorff in flight during Series 5 (1991).

Flights on Smirkenorff, created using helicopter footage in castles and villages around England and Wales, were a memorable part of the show.

Eye Shield Room

The room containing the Eye Shield in Series 4 (1990).

This green-lit room in Level 1 of Series 4 was the opportunity for each dungeoneer to collect the new Eye Shield.

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