Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Snowcat »

Hokay, fair enuff...

'Least it's still vaguely Knightmare for a change (Saxon Knights etc)!

You expect me to stay on Topic when you drop Ben f**m**g Nevis on me paw! Why couldn't you stick to a grand piano like most sensible nutters?

* like hell before aformentioned happens to his bruised body*

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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by knightmaredave »

i always found the death sequences to pycr very poor what was that awful death gong and in the 1st team no OOh nasty and a different variation of the gong.
I think they saw sence by team4 and bought back the traditional death bell!!!
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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Long-Beard »

I never really understood that 'Play Your Cards Right' thing. The last time I saw someone die because of that puzzle, Treguard told them "all you had to do was follow suit". So, I thought the Dungeoneer simply had to touch only the 'Hearts' cards, but that's what he did, and he still got killed anyway.

There must be some kind of logic to this obstacle, but I can't follow it. I think the next card they should have touched was the Five of Clubs. Why would that have been the right choice?

Feeling a little confused, but curious,

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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Becxsmagic »

I think there's an explaination on the main site-I can't really understand it either but I'm starting to think a bit of luck is required for this game.
(Congrats on your first post, by the way)
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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Billy »

The simple explanation is that you had to touch the card that was the most similar to the previous card. For example, if you've just picked a Seven of Hearts, and the next two cards are a Queen of Clubs and a Seven of Spades, you pick the Seven.
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Re:Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by WackerJr »

I think it was actually the Queen od DIAMONDS they touched as opposed to a Heart. It didn't help that they were panicking, but as you heard them say, they couldn't remember what the previous card actually was besides being red. In all fairness though, I didn't pay attention to what the previous card was either so was surprised when they plummeted!
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Re: Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by hindleyite »

Don't think this is the first episode of the series we hear it, but glad to see the goblin siren is still in use at certain points, most notably PYCR. It's about ten times better than the marching army sound effect, which is a bit pants in comparison. Mind you, I don't think it was meant as a replacement, merely an extra hurry-up.

Will anybody ever beat Play Your Cards Right? :P
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Re: Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Canadanne »

Treguard describes the Crazed Heifer as "a good place to pick up news, and probably safe enough for travellers" - he's changed his tune since Series 4, when it was all "The risk is up to you"! Or perhaps the place is under new management and making efforts to improve its reputation. :P (Come to think of it, Marta is very keen to promote the "good wine and fair ale", unlike Motley a couple of years earlier who went around telling customers "The food's awful; what's more, the drink's worse".)

Sylvester Hands has the same annoying habit as every character in Neighbours - making a big deal out of buying a drink and then leaving without touching a drop of it! He also mutters something about how he won't come here again due to Marta's attitude - a vow he obviously doesn't stick to for long. :)
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Re: Series 7 Episode 7 *Half Way*

Post by Morghanna »

Team 3 were intercepted by the brollachan before they could leave the level 3 clue-room, but again dealt with it's questions easily enough. :)
Entered the sewers and encountered Grimaldine, who rowed them across and gave them a "VISOR" spell in exchange for info.
Next challenge was the chaos of cards. Treguard explained that they needed to touch the cards, which sped things up a little. They were very indecisive, altho once they finally got moving i thought they would work it out.
Alex was clearly panicked by the sound of goblin horns, but they didn't realise that one they made their second choice the goblins couldn't reach him anyway as the blocks behind Alex had collapsed. Sadly they didn't really understand the pattern of the puzzle and chose wrongly on the penultimate row. :( Oooh nasty!
(Yet again a seeing spell made no obvious difference.)
It was a pity coz they were a likeable team who did very well, but this tricky level 3 puzzle just proved too much for them.

After a slow opening episode, series 7 has sped up and produced three good quests so far....

Team 4 made a hesitant start in their quest for the crown. Encountered Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnels and received some info.
Into the Crazed Heifer where they were welcomed by Marta. Enter a thinly-disguised Sly Hands who gave them a (goblin) horn. Earned some info about Grimaldine.
Level one clue-area gave them just some silver "to buy time". They then immediately ran into Rothberry and bought a seeing potion & spyglass .(altho passed-up the offer of free bat's droppings) ::)
Time-out before they could use the spyglass.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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