Series 7 - Episode 12

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Re: Series 7 - Episode 12

Post by Canadanne »

This episode is almost like a taster of Series 8, in that it doesn't feature any real-life locations - the entire episode takes place in Goth, with a short scene in the dwarf tunnel set at the end. (The final episode of the series is also set wholly in Goth, with only brief glimpses of real locations during the "fast backward" sequence.)

Grimaldine describes the Brollachan as a "Questing Beast", but isn't that something completely different? He also tells Julie "I need to enter Lord Fear's great tower", yet it seems he must have gained access already, if he's been able to scatter the ARKEN shield fragments in there. Puzzling.

On Play Your Cards Right, the next shelf comes out before Julie actually touches the Queen of Hearts!

The Brollachan seems to take an interest in the most random things. I guess I could imagine why he's trying to find Witch-Haven, if he's overheard the name and wants to see if it's a place he recognises, but what makes him suddenly come out with animal questions or wonder about Sylvester Hands' favourite drink?! You'd think he would start with things that are useful and relevant to his current situation. :P Or perhaps he thinks buying Sly a drink or two will encourage him to answer more questions!

Which advisor says "Nice one!" when Julie returns in trumph? I've only seen it on YouTube so the picture quality isn't amazing, but as far as I can tell, none of their lips appear to be moving at the time.
Fidjit wrote:There was a crash just before Treguard dismissed the team. I rewound the vdeo and it appeared that Majida had dropped the sword on the floor. She backs out of view and Treguard pauses and then continues... ;D
Yeah, I think she leans it against the wall but it falls over. She seems to hide behind Treguard so as not to be seen cringing or laughing!

Majida is definitely not a good judge of dungeoneers, expressing doubts about both the ones who go on to win. :)
Moana Liza wrote:I found it funny when he jumped when Brother Strange appeared
Cliff Barry obviously found it funny too, I love how you can hear him laugh as he says "I mean you no harm"!
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Re: Re:Series 7 ep 12

Post by JamesA »

knightmare_rocks wrote:Was that skeleton wearing the old helmet of justice? Freaky!!
Yes, the Series 1-6 helmet makes a cameo when Julie enters the first chamber of Level 3! (It made another cameo back in Episode 6 when Alex also makes his first steps within Goth.)
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Re: Series 7 - Episode 12

Post by avenueroad »

Had Julie made a run for it down the corridors of Goth, Lord Fear would have caught up with her again the moment the ARKEN magic had worn off before killing her off for sure. Running away forever would have been a silly idea so summoning a sorcerer or sorceress was the only way for a chance to escape. But why would Hordriss not have got from Level 1 to Level 3 in time via magic? Magic is not supposed to work like that! It doesn't matter how far away a wizard is! I mean if Greystagg was in Level 1 would she have got to Julie in time? I think I know why. I think the production team had to avoid something that would have spoiled the endgame. I mean the team might have seen a quest when Hordriss was summoned before they took part. I'm afraid that is the trouble with older characters like Hordriss! ;D
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Re: Series 7 - Episode 12

Post by Pooka »

avenueroad wrote: 22 Mar 2017, 12:57But why would Hordriss not have got from Level 1 to Level 3 in time via magic? Magic is not supposed to work like that!
An alternate explanation, although not one mooted by Treguard, is that Hordriss' magic isn't as powerful when in close proximity to Lord Fear. We saw this in the Mines of Gore in the previous series, when he was incompletely summoned by the TRICK spell and couldn't do anything to get away (and in the following series, when he was held in a body-cage which he was unable to breach). I doubt he'd be able to completely manifest in the room RIGHT NEXT TO a huge and very angry Lord Fear!

Team also couldn't summon Hordriss or Grimaldine (although he was "busy breaking into Lord Fear's tower", so he was probably just around the corner anyway...!) because they didn't have either of their calling names... but that's probably a trivial quibble.

Either way, it's a really exciting episode, and one of my absolute favourites.
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Re: Series 7 - Episode 12

Post by Morghanna »

Team 6 entered level 3 and immediately had a troll stalking them.
Reached the sewers and were met by Grimaldine. He asked them to collect three arken-shield sections, which would help them both.
Entered the level 3 clue-room. Discovered a "GROWME" spell and chose a "true-sight" potion and a "reveal" wand.
:idea: Notable in this quest that in each of the later clue-rooms one of the objects is the same one that they rejected in the previous clue-room. A deliberate trick to see if they will take it against their better judgment?
Learned Greystagg's calling name (Gwen) from the spyglass.
Next chamber and sound of troll steps again. 8-o :question: How could Julie see that orange from that distance? ::)
Used the "GROWME" spell and the wand to reach the 1st shield section, then dispelled. Did all this very efficiently. :)
Onto the chaos of cards. Used the "true-sight" potion, but Julie almost touched the wrong "2" by mistake. 8-o Worked out the pattern quickly and weren't fooled by the joker at the end. :) Collected the 2nd shield section by the exit.
3rd piece of the arken-shield in the next chamber, but troll footsteps were nearing. Challenged by the brollachan again and answered it's questions competently.
Into the final room and retrieved the Sword from a stone but were confronted by LF. Realised just in time that "ARKEN" was a spell and cast it to stop him.
Summoned Greystagg and she gifted them a "RETURN" spell in thanks for their efforts against LF. Used it to complete their quest. YAY! :) :) :)

The helmet of justice came off easier than it went on. ;D
Team 6 were an excellent team, one of the best ever. They were intelligent, efficient and really seemed to enjoy their whole quest. Their delight at the end was wonderful. Nice to see that they got a trophy each.

Team 7 were allocated the quest for the shield and met Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnels. Exchanged a proverb (well, four actually!) for a spyglass before time-out.
"I think it's about time you got wise to the ways of real magic. The kind that is borne on the dark side." >:D
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