Parody of Waterloo by ABBA

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Parody of Waterloo by ABBA

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This is about one of the rooms in Series 3. Based on Waterloo by ABBA (1974). Official video with the original lyrics in the description.

Within the water room a whole world of adventure
Although you won't get wet
Each quest proceeds in quite a different way
A jester who's spooked by a snake
A sword like that one in the lake

Water room
If you go fishing you'll catch a door
Water room
Sometimes it's drained and you see the floor
Water room
Maybe a sword will come after you
Water room
Careful of sharks or you'll meet your doom
Wa wa wa wa water room
Dungeoneers facing the water room

If you can't see the exit, fish out or expose it
If there's a threat then you should give a warning and/or get away
The shark music brings deja vu
Let's hope that John Williams won't sue


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Next year there'll be loads in Dungarth...
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