Parody of the Neighbours theme

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Parody of the Neighbours theme

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I wrote: 13 Apr 2006, 18:33 [A dungeoneer enters a clue room, and takes the food (a Vegemite sandwich) from the clue table. Suddenly a didgeridoo is heard, and an upside-down wall monster appears.]

Wall Monster: G'day! I'm Wallaby of Ligend, and this is Dungeoneer Cell Block 1. 'Fraid I can't let you nick me tucker without asking you a few questions. So here's me first. With a little understanding, what can you find?

Dungeoneer: The perfect blend.

Wallaby: Streuth, accepted! Here's me second. Where is nixt door?

Dungeoneer: Only a footstep away.
Returning to this idea, and from one great '80s and '90s afterschool staple to another, this is a rewrite of Neighbours' original closing theme, as written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent and performed by Barry Crocker.

Advisors, every team needs good advisors
Fearing deadly scrapes and maulings
Help from them will save the day
Advisors need to know how to manoeuvre
Wrecked floor is only a sidestep away
Advisors, dungeoneers need good advisors
First they're sitting, then they're standing
Sibling, cousin or a friend
Advisors should know when your spell's called SHOVEL
Else your advisors will spell your end
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