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Re: Temporal Discussion, A KM podcast

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I've just finished editing HStorm's interview with Alec Westwood. It'll be released to Patreon supporters tomorrow, with an extended edition being made available for higher-tier supporters. It'll be released on the free feed the following week at the usual time :)
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Re: Temporal Discussion, A KM podcast

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I noticed that the pronunciation of the valley appeared to be "Banburn" a few years before that spelling appeared in David Rowe's book or anywhere else:
Canadanne wrote: 22 Oct 2012, 22:04You know what, I hate to say it, but I don't think the Vale of Vanburn is the right name... I've just watched this episode again and it sounds like Velda actually calls it the Vale of Banburn! The second time in particular it's quite a clear 'B' sound, at least through these headphones.
I have wondered if the name was inspired by the Irish goddess Banba (one of the people of Danu who became the Shee). Alternatively the prefix "ban-" in Gaelic gives words a female form, so Banburn could mean something like "she-stream".
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