Series 1 Episode 4

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Re: Series 1 Episode 4

Post by Morghanna »

Team 3 were doing so well, and then, inexplicably, they shot themselves in the foot. 8-o
They had the spell needed to get them past Gibbet, but as the advisor began spell casting, his team-mate interrupted and told him to dispel LANTERN instead. Why? How would this save him from Gibbet and how would they find the well in the dark? (Especially as there is a large obstacle in the centre of the room.)

He initially said, "Spell-casting: A.. " rather than, "Dispel: A..", so he was clearly gonna do the correct thing and cast ANVIL. What a pity.

Team 4 have started well, got thru level 1 comfortably and their directional instruction is better than most.
Just as well he didn't put all that salt in the knapsack tho.... ;D
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Re: Series 1 Episode 4

Post by Kristi »

I thought the televisual presentation of the death scene was a bit limp.

The producers wouldn't have foreseen or prepped for the advisors' amusingly bizarre decision to turn out the light. But couldn't they have got Gibbet to improvise a line or two in the dark, to the effect he was still going to kill the dungeoneer anyway, with a snippet of threatening music, before cutting to the "life force zero" sequence and bongs?
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