Series 2 - Episode 9

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Porsmond wrote: 29 Jun 2004, 20:48 Good Episode, but this new team seem to take ages on the Combat Chess, and they were very sneaky on the Scorpian Scene by keeping to the far right which made me laugh, Now I know why they decided to create a hole to the right of the Scorpian in Series 3 which forced teams to run through and time it right.
I'm guessing none of them play chess much if at all. They took ages because they made a poor move, putting the dungeoneer on a square where the bishop could move three squares in front, which blocks the dungeoneer from making any forward progress, forcing them back to their previous square. They got it right on their next move. Chess is about planning ahead and working out how the opponent might respond to your move, and looking for threats they can make.
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 9

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Treguard: "Well we always knew Cedric would clobber someone sometime."

Or to put it another way: "Yes, we not only kept a homicidal maniac around and allowed him to carry a deadly weapon, we gave him a role where it was his duty to commit murder." I wonder if Treguard knows how lucky he was not to have an HR department.

One interesting way - OK, one possible way - to compare different eras of Knightmare is to swap series and quest numbers around. In other words: to compare aspects of this quest, S2 Q7, with aspects of S7 Q2.

Treguard's final speech to S2 T7 was one of his most sardonic. (Though it would have been hard for him to commiserate with a team who'd been given the most generous, idiot-proof Knightmare adventure in history and still messed it up.) S7 T2, on the other hand, got Uncle Treguard: dithering ("W-what we need is the Nightsight, where's the Night- ... aw, they haven't got the Nightsight"), doting and perhaps the most compassionate "Ooh nasty" in all of Knightmare. (Though had he wanted to be sardonic, Lord Fear's gloating voiceover would have somewhat stolen his thunder.) I much prefer S2 Treguard.
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