Knightmare on Teletext - Recoveries!

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Re: Knightmare on Teletext - Recoveries!

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Drassil wrote: 27 Apr 2024, 13:13
I wrote: 11 Apr 2020, 16:12 I'm still hoping that another Knightmare Teletext adventure will be recovered.
It's happened! There are now two restored (i.e. playable) Knightmare Teletext adventures online:
  • To the Ice Palace of Aesandre
  • Journey through the Lairsdale
You can play both on Andrew Nile's website here.
Good grief, the second one. I'm pleased it's been recovered, but yikes...
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Re: Knightmare on Teletext - Recoveries!

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Paul Rose, aka. Mr. Biffo, has recorded a playthrough of the two available games with his wife on their YouTube channel. Paul created the graphics for the games based on Michael Cule's scripts.
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