Series 4 Episode 8

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Re:Series 4 Episode 8

Post by HarveyTowers » Fri Aug 13, 2004 11:32 am

So, dungeon 3 and humans 0.

The door did have a differnet voice and they scored only one out of three.

Met Malice dressed as Mistress Goody - you could tell by the nails.

Onto the clreaing when they met Fatilla and saw Pickle in the dungeon. Presumably the team would notice that Pickle had gone but the advisors didn't seeem to recodnise him. Does anyone know how close the antechamber and "in game" studio were to each other?

This scene may have been wriiten in for comic relief but they could have used Motley just as easily..

Met Oakley and we see a turning point in KM history as they rely less on the three riddles guardians. We got to see an early Pooka too.

Blew the horn before coming into the wellwat room. Gundrana's turn in the stocks today. Hordriss was at home (sitting at a table!) but the dungeoneer was left in the dark as Gundrana mimed her sword's name.

Nice to see a team survive the blades, presumably they will have to face them themselves later.

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Re:Series 4 Episode 8

Post by TheBrollachan » Fri Aug 13, 2004 11:44 am

I prefer to watch the 7:30am repeats (this Friday's episode isn't being repeated). That way you do not have to listen to some annoying announcer who is trying to be clever.
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Re:Series 4 Episode 8

Post by Billy » Mon Feb 13, 2006 9:54 am

Dooris obviously noted Doorkis' merry japes with the ceiling in the last episode, and is also having fun this episode by speaking in a silly voice. But who's this in the Eye Shield room? No, not Mistress Goody as I first thought, but Malice dressed up as a crone. Why so I don't know, lot of strange things in this episode.

And here's another - Pickle suddenly appears in the forest clearing. We've had 'Treguard' in Mildread's lair before, but that was just Mildread in disguise, so it doesn't really count. How I'd have loved it if the opposite had happened, with Lord Fear appearing in the antechamber!

Maybe Merlin's Madness has temporarily spread from him and gone to everyone else, as even Oakley isn't safe - seems he can't be bothered with riddles this week, so just tells Simon about the items and clears off. However, at least we see the first non-closing titles appearance of a Pooka.

Argh! Even the wellway's blocked by a giant lizard! What is going on in this episode? It's like some weird, insane fanfic where nothing's the way it seems. Thankfully things get saner in level 2, where Gundrada writes out letters in the air. Er, scratch that about things getting saner.

Ok, so I suppose that had some point, as she was writing out the letters of her blade, Slash. And of course, 1990 CITV viewers would have noted that with interest, as letters have appeared throughout the episode saying NAME(Weird symbol)HER(Weird symbol)BLADE. An Atari Lynx would soon make its way to the winner, revealed in a few weeks time by Gundrada herself.

In they go to the Corridor...of Blades?! In Level 2? They don't die, though (as if you thought they would) as Gundrada helps them through it. Tune in tomorrow, where we see if Simon sidesteps his way to victory! Sorry if this post wasted your time, but don't worry, as there's another 8 episodes of the series left!

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Re:Series 4 Episode 8

Post by Naitch » Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:43 am

I quite enjoyed Pickle being in the Dungeon. It added another dimension to it I thought.

Good to have a Welsh team too boiyo, isn't it!

I remember entering that competion! I didn't win so it was obviously a fix from the start ;)

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Re: Series 4 Episode 8

Post by Morghanna » Sun Jun 21, 2020 1:10 pm

This was a rather low-key episode.
Team 4 were less than convincing against Dooris, then agreed to a pact with a thinly-disguised Malice. (There's no hiding those rings and fingernails. ;) )
They were helped past Fatilla by Pickle who had gate-crashed the scene to Treguard's displeasure.
Oakley let them past without any questions and still gave them full clues.
They used the horn to scare off the goblins (strange considering it sounded rather like a goblin horn) and then used the hour-glass to get past the giant lizard into level 2.

They released Gundrada from the stocks, where she appears to have a season-ticket.
Nice scene with Hordriss, where they had to get her sword "Slash" back from him. Great line from Hordriss: "What a thoroughly nasty, bloodthirsty type you must be. I don't suppose you're looking for employment, are you? ;D
After the dungeoneer (i think he might be called Simon) retrieved her sword, Gundrada guided him thru a shortened version of the corridor of blades. In the next room there was the sound of goblin horns just as time-out arrived.
Team 4 seem to have had a very easy ride so far, with no real challenges. It will be interesting to see if their directional movement is up to scratch when they have to react with a bit more urgency....
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