Series 6 episode 1


Re:Series 6 episode 1

Post by Romana » Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:19 pm

Yeah, that's a better idea :) Ta for the link, I'll use that to help me finish the script more quickly ;D
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Re:Series 6 episode 1

Post by Drassil » Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:01 pm

Fidjit wrote: "Its a piece of bread. Its a croissant!" ;D

Matt had some of the best quotes in Knightmare.
Here's one I only came across when rewatching the quest the other day:

Advisor: Can you see, Matt?

Matt: I can't see an awful lot; I've got an urn on my head, don't forget.
Knightmare: Kid-worthy, Naasty, Inspiring, Groundbreaking, Humorous, Treguard, Mesmerising, Adult-worthy, Rewarding, Essential.

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Re:Series 6 episode 1

Post by Fidjit » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:16 pm

Yeah I did too, I couldn't make out what he said... He did also say:

Matt: Thanks Mr Dragon
Smirkenoff: (Bluntly) Your most welcome
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Re: Series 6 episode 1

Post by Morghanna » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:54 pm

So, a new series and more changes to the formula.
Team 1 seemed a competent outfit and Matt was a very enthusiastic dungeoneer. His great interaction with the characters reminded me of Martin in S3. :)
They made easy work of level 1 and generally directed Matt well, altho they made a mess of the causeway. Surely they walked him onto on a wrong block (4)? A massive reprieve? :question:

Early appearance by skarkill. (alas) Had really hoped he would have been ditched at the end of S5.
Great line by new arrival Ridolpho, the minstrel: "I am called Ridolpho by my friends. And by my enemies, I err, am also called Ridolpho." ;D
Suave voice provided by Clifford Norgate for Smirky.
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