In series 4, only team 6 successfully completed the dungeon and managed to retrieve the crown.

Team 6: Dickon, Dominic, Tim and Praveen from Torquay

Team 6 completed the dungeon in their quest for the crown and took 54 minutes.


In the final stages, they meet Hordriss again and were rewarded with two spells: FIRE and OPPOSITE.

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Malice appears and ask Dickon if he would agree to become one of her subjects. They agree by saying 'yes' for the moment. She disappears and they make a move as an evil skull appears...


...then into the Corridor of Blades, which they did quite well. They didn't panic as much as other teams.


At the bridge, Malice appeared again. She said that she did not trust the team, so she asked him to pledge himself permanently to her. The team said NO.

Malice: "I see you have survived blades. Let's see if you can survive a fatal fall"

The bridge starts crumbling... they survive.


But she appeared again in the next room.

Malice: "Enough! I lose patience! Contrary to your belief, this is NOT a game! You thwart me and so I destroy you!"

The team cast a FIRE spell in time to defeat her.

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Their life force was critical on condition red.

Treguard: "You must eat or drink something now"

They was no food or drink in the room, but they had a bottle of poison. With a bit of quick thinking, they cast the OPPOSITE spell. This reversed the poison and Dickon drank it just as the Life Force clock was about to expire.

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Next they encounter Dooreen, the weeping door of level 3. They were the first and only team ever to meet Dooreen, as no other team had got this far.

Treguard: "Oh come on team. You know the calling by now"

They did. Dickon said it straight away without the advisors having to dictate it. They got all three riddles correct.

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They entered a room with the crown on a statue (the evil-eye statue later used in the following quest). As Dickon approached it, the skull went away. Dickon picked up the crown.

Pickle: "He's done it master! Dickon has the crown"

Treguard: "Yes, he has hasn't he, then there's only one thing for it... MERLIN!"


Merlin: "Oh! I see you have a winner for us! Well, goodness gracious me. Nothing like this has happened since, er, 1988"

"I've almost forgotten what to do next!" (Weird statement, as he hasn't done it before, so there's nothing to remember!)

[He recalls]

Merlin: "Spellcasting U-N-I-T-E".

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Dickon reappears in the antechamber holding the crown.

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Pickle brings in the medals that each team member is awarded.

Merlin: "These are for you. They are not valuables, merely mementos. But, what you have achieved is worth far more than any treasure."

(The Knightmare theme plays in the background as Merlin goes round and awards the team members)

Merlin congratulates the Dungeon Master and Pickle, or 'Tickle' as he misremembers.

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Merlin: "The dungeon salutes you. Spellcasting H-O-M-E"

"Let me know when you have another winner dungeon master, but do make it soon!"

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"We were all treated like stars whilst we were there and we will never forget it. We are all eager for an invitation back again!"

As all winners do, they earn their place on the closing titles.

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The Quest Review: Issue 1-2, Page 3

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