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'Ever since ITV's award-winning series hit our screens, the world has been waiting for a computer game worthy of the name. The wait is over.

Tony Crowther's amazing re-creation of the series that literally left you waking in a sweat in the middle of the night, has everything. Using the same ultra-sophisticated game system that made 'Captive' adventure game of the year for 1990, 'Knightmare' puts you in control in this mystical adventure that makes other dungeons and dragons games seem like newts splashing around in a muddy puddle.

'Knightmare' is a highly creative role-playing adventure, where you are challenged to solve complex puzzles, logic problems and riddles. It is easy to get into, but as the gameplay develops, it gradually reveals a rich storyline, becoming ever-more rewarding. Superlative graphics are sensationally complemented throughout by sound effects created in a full TV audio studio.

You start by creating the characters for your team. You choose the first Quest. Will it be the Shield of Justice, the Sword of Freedom, the Cup of Life? Success will lead eventually to the Crown of Glory. Along the way you must arm your team with whatever weapons and attributes you decide you may need for the Quest. When you are ready, go forward into the dungeons of Dunshelm, first to meet your allies Treguard and Pickle, and then, via Goblins, Hobgoblins, and other such unmentionables, to a meeting with Lord Fear and his unthinkably horrible lieutenant, the FrightKnight.

Whether or not the meeting is terminal is up to you. You will need wisdom, tenacity, alacrity and above all, courage. But you have all those things, don't you...?

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