We have several pieces of knews to share with the community here.


On Tommy Boyd's 'Human Zoo' radio show last Sunday (talkSPORT 1089/1053am), Jake Ash phoned in to talk about Knightmare and even mentioned this site. Tommy remembered Knightmare (well, he was a Children's ITV presenter and a honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club), and there was a brief conversation about the campaign to bring it back. There was a large surge of visitors to the site, so welcome all new people. And thanks to Jake for the mention.


Thanks to the Internet Movie Database we recently found out that Jackie Sawiris (Majida) played a part in Emmerdale. Sidriss Starshine contacted the Emmerdale website to find out more:

Jackie Sawiris played the part of Beth Williams in 4 episodes of Emmerdale between 24 March 1998 and 31 March 1998. Beth was an American woman who was taking part in a Management Training Course that Tony Cairns was running at the Holiday Village. In one episode she gets scared on the climbing wall and freezes. Tony has to climb up the wall to bring her down... (etc).


Daniel Lawrence who provided the Knightmare theme remix in the last update sent in some interesting facts:

- A few years ago, a trailer for the BBC's Tomorrow's World programme featured Smirkenorff, but we don't know what year this was, why or what was shown on the actual programme.

- An episode of ITV's The Bill a few years ago showed a boy sitting at home watching the TV... and guess what was on? Yes, a scene from Knightmare Series 6 featuring the Dreadnought.

- On BBC Two's Techno Games 2001 last week, one of the robots was named 'Skeletron'.

Daniel also reminded us to point out that Televirtual (sister company to Broadsword who produced Knightmare) have produced an animated karaoke fish called 'Vince' which you can see on Channel 4's Karaoke Fishtank series, currently on Saturday very late night (after midnight). More information on the technologies involved is on theTelevirtual website. Also from Televirtual is - where you can download an animated character who can read out your e-mails from your inbox.


Thanks to Jon Harris for the following knews. ..on the CBBC 'Sub Zero' website pages, there is an interview with Adrian Dickson (archived here) - CBBC presenter and captain of the boy's team on the recent series of Sub Zero. One of the questions is:

Q: As a child, what was your favourite quiz/game show?

A: It was an adventure game show called Knightmare but I also loved the Crystal Maze.


Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on the new site design - it seems that everyone thinks it is better than the old design, which is good.

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