Knightmare featured on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (ITV4) in November 2010. Dave Berry championed Knightmare for the title of 'most underrated' television show.


Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club

[ITV4 / 3rd November 2010]

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Broadcast on Wednesday evenings in the autumn of 2010, Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club was a male-orientated late-night chat show from Talkback Thames shown on ITV4. Guests included presenters, comedians, and celebrities, each presenting a topic of interest or question to be discussed.

Knightmare featured in the seventh episode of the series, broadcast on Wednesday 3rd November. Evading continuity, this was the first episode to be filmed (as the opening sketch suggests), and the guests were Jack Osborne, Dave Berry and Charlie Baker.

This episode saw Jack Osborne ask the panel about their favourite ‘gadget’, while Dave Berry raised ‘disastrous conquests’. The all-important third topic was raised by Richard Bacon, who asked the panel to name their most underrated television show.


Dave Berry raised Knightmare with supreme confidence, introducing it as ‘a kids’ classic of the 90s’, and engaging the audience to raise a cheer. He was incredulous to learn that neither Bacon nor Osborne had heard of the show. Berry described Knightmare in mock-hyperbole, likening the fantasy element of the show to 'Lord of the Rings', and labelling Hugo Myatt’s performance as ‘Stanislavski’. A quip about ‘left’ and ‘right’ then introduced a clip, which inevitably featured the Welsh comedy gold of Series 4; the first showing of Knightmare on ITV since the CiTV Birthday event in 2003. Berry concluded by stating his belief that Knightmare should still be running, and fought his corner to win the round.


Other candidates put forward were Going for Gold and The Word. The former was a cheerful daytime general knowledge quiz, which, like Knightmare, commenced in 1987. Hosted by Henry Kelly, it featured a European line of contestants but was conducted completely in English. Of the ten series, there were only three English winners. Pop culture show The Word was set to complement Knightmare as controversial early evening entertainment in 1990, but was promptly moved to an after-dark slot as Knightmare’s fifth series began. Since creator Charlie Parsons recently enjoyed the platform of national press to say that The Word had changed television forever, it is gratifying to see Knightmare prevail, even in this informal setting.




Team Berry’s quest was to reach the fridge and it lasted 1 minute.


As a reprise, Richard Bacon prompted Dave Berry to take on the role of dungeoneer. Mistakingly claiming to have the original helmet (disputed by Osborne as ‘a bucket’), Berry was guided by Jack Osborne right into the peril deliberately left for him - a cactus in the kitchenette.


Overall, an enjoyable, if slightly trivialised, return for the Greater Game on ITV.

[Clip 2 contains explicit language]

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