Kellyvision was a series that looked behind the scenes of the world of television. It was presented by Chris Kelly and was shown on Children's ITV in the late 80s. One of these episodes was based on computer graphics used in television, and they looked behind the scenes of Knightmare at Anglia Television and The Moving Picture Company in London.

Knightmare on Kellyvision

[Clip available below]


This was broadcast in 1988. Many thanks to Peter Lee for sending this in.

This is Anglia Television in Norwich, and on the right is the Knightmare control centre packed full with equipment.


After a quick description of the programme, we are shown the 'void'. The carefully positioned lighting creates an evenly lit blue set. This allows the technicians to create an effect called 'chroma key'.

The blue is replaced by a background that is generated by computer graphics. This is controlled by Robert Harris and his Supernova.

The dungeon rooms were all originally painted by artist David Rowe (see some of the originals). Robert adds colours and effects to the rooms using an electronic pen, pad, and palette.

Meanwhile, the dungeoneer (left) is fitted with an earpiece so he can hear his colleagues' directions and then sets off on his adventure (right).

How do all those letters appear?

Robert, using his computer, controls the graphics in the game.

At his desk, he has a 24-bit machine and an 8-bit machine. He uses the 24-bit machine to superimpose this background over the blue room. Once the dungeoneer enters the room, he can press a key and the four doors will display portcullises. He can then press another key to reveal the clues on the floor.

Once the dungeoneer steps on the right letters, he can then press another key to unlock the doors. The picture on the right was the final shot of this feature, and shows the narrator in the place of the usual wall monster!

If you would like to find out more about the making of Knightmare, see creator Tim Child's History of Knightmare.

Download this file (Kellyvision.rm)Kellyvision.rm[A clip showing Knightmare on Kellyvision]1133 kB

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