The new Corridor of Blades sequence, as played at the Knightmare Convention, 2014.

Playing the Corridor of Blades

By Keith McDonald

Fans at the Knightmare Convention got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a room of the dungeon using the original blue screen technology.

Arranged in groups of three or four, players took turns to face the dreaded Corridor of Blades.

Each person took their turn to wear the helmet and step on to the blue screen as teammates yelled instructions from a nearby monitor.

It soon became clear how tough the original challenge was for youngsters. While some groups had the excuse that they were meeting for the first time, not many managed to survive the fiendish 30-second challenge.

Fans and Convention staff yelling instructions at the screen during the Corridor of Blades. Image: EDP
Fans and Convention Crew guiding a player. Image credit: EDP

Behind the scenes

Of course, things were made a little tougher when anyone showed signs of surviving.

Backstage at the controls was Stuart Lloyd, who worked on Knightmare Series 8 in 1994 and the Geek Week episode in 2013. He could manipulate the speed of the animation and the direction of the blades.

The Corridor of Blades has been restyled since the original show. Instead of a conveyor belt, players now stand on a travelling wooden board - rather like the great escape in Knightmare's final episode.

You can see a sample of this during the end credits of the Extended Geek Week episode.

Ooh, nasty!

Things became more interesting still when some of our special guests got involved.

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) dropped in as a spectator on a few occasions, delighting onlookers with a customary 'ooh, nasty' when the blades finally struck.

We even caught Hugo getting a little excited when one team came to a gruesome end. Was Treguard fooling us as the good guy all along?

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