Series 7, Quest 3. Lord Fear and Lissard trap Hordriss.


An overview of the characters of Knightmare during its eight series.

Over its eight series, Knightmare featured over 50 characters, which would interact with the dungeoneer through the dungeon. The characters can be roughly divided into three groups, the Powers that Be, who generally worked for good and assisted the players, the Opposition against whom the players worked, and a number of unaligned characters who would generally act to trade with dungeoneers or otherwise assist for a price

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Powers that Be

Treguard, Pickle, Hordriss, and Elita in the antechamber.

An overview of the characters that make up the Powers that Be


Lord Fear and Lissard

An overview of the characters that make up the Opposition


Series 5, Quest 7. Julius Scaramonger sells Christopher a spell.

Not all of the characters in Knightmare were strictly aligned to either the Opposition or the Powers that Be.