Lissard, the Grievous and Devious. Played by Cliff Barry.


By Keith McDonald

Lissard was Lord Fear's seneschal for the final two series. He was a green Atlantean who orchestrated his leader's plans from their headquarters.

Lissard is well-remembered as Lord Fear's accomplice for the final two series and additional episodes.

He is a green amphibious creature from the lost continent of Atlantis. Lord Fear refers to Lissard as a newt, reptile and cod-brain at various points and complains about his tuna breath.

The two were a good partnership. Lissard was usually calm and even-toned compared to Fear's frustrated outbursts - except for when alarms sounded.

The plot-ness, the deviousness, the extreme arcaneness.


Lissard, Lord Fear's minion, played by Cliff Barry in Series 8 of Knightmare.

Unlike Skarkill, Lord Fear's previous commander, Lissard saw very little action in the dungeon.

He was almost always seen in spyglass sequences, constructing plans to thwart dungeoneers and arranging for them to be carried out.

Lissard added "-ness" to the end of most of his words. This was a giveaway when he was disguised as Marta the Tavern Maid to deceive Hordriss.

The "grievous and devious"

Lissard was more content than Skarkill and less at odds with Lord Fear. He soon earns Lord Fear's trust and his schemes are generally met with favour.

Occasionally, he drops a clanger, such as leaving the pieces of Grimaldine's broken staff where they can be found or appointing the unstable Bhal-Shebah to guard the quest objects.

But he shows his worth at the end of Series 7, when he engineers a plan to get a full-size troll into Knightmare Castle.

In Series 8, he convinces the sorceress Maldame that he has deserted Lord Fear and dupes her into taking a wand that would turn her into a skeletron.

Lissard's appearances in Knightmare VR (voiced by Nick Collett) and the Geek Week episode demonstrate the natural longevity of this Opposition pair.

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