Sidriss the Confused presides over the Academy of Magic, as seen in Series 7 (1993).

Academy of Magic

By David Goldstein

Between The Worst Witch and Harry Potter came Knightmare's own modest place for magical learning and testing.

Hordriss was the "Presiding Mage" when we first saw this classroom setting. Like his examination room in Series 6, there was little more than seating and a blackboard.

Dungeoneer Julie (Series 7 Team 6) had a front row seat when Sidriss visited with a birthday present for her father and was able to warn them that the "Wand of Majesty" was in fact a Wand of Freezing from Lord Fear.

To thank Julie, Hordriss revealed a descender entrance in the back wall to take Julie to Level 3.

The 'Academy of Magic', as seen in Series 7 of Knightmare (1993).
Sidriss leads the Academy

When Barry (Team 7) visited the academy, Hordriss was absent and Sidriss was attempting to teach a much reduced "students and apprentices" class (Fidjit and two others). A locked doorway at the back led to the "Firebomb Room" and Fidjit gave Barry access.

The basis for this room was the same as for the Crazed Heifer: the Great Hall of Dragon Hall in Norwich.

The Examination Room

In a novel variation on the three questions/riddles situation, one team found themselves competing against other would-be answerers for a diploma.

Sophia (Series 6 Quest 6) took part in the "Level 3 entrance examination for aspiring sorcerers' apprentices", administered by Hordriss.

The 'Examination Room', as seen in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).
Hordriss asking the questions

Joining six other candidates (including a hobgoblin) in the spartan exam room, the dungeoneer had the chance to answer Hordriss' three questions by raising her hand.

It was rare to see so many extras in a Knightmare scene, and even rarer to have one of them speak (getting Question 1 before Sophia could).

The exam room was based on the prior's study at Castle Acre Priority: seen in Series 4 and 5 but flipped horizontally here.

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