Lord Fear and Mogdred

Lord Fear vs Mogdred

By Nicholas Lam

The top ten reasons why Lord Fear was a better villain than Mogdred (and vice-versa) by Martin Odoni.

Lord Fear was better than Mogdred because...

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, as played by Mark Knight in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).

  1. He actually did things to stop the Dungeoneer occasionally instead of just standing around huffing and puffing.
  2. Fear had henchmen, Mogdred was billy-no-mates.
  3. Fear had fireballs, Mogdred had a sword spell which Dungeoneers could switch off.
  4. Fear had eyes in the back of his head, Mogdred wore a skull cap.
  5. Fear had a castle with a 16-bit colour surveillance system with stereo surround sound and a pet Dreadnort. Mogdred had a damp cave in Level Three and a pet Gargoyle.
  6. Fear had a sense of humour, Mogdred had... er...
  7. Fear had the Frightknights, Mogdred had some deaf and blind stumpies with drooping noses.
  8. Fear never wasted time trying to coax Dungeoneers into working for him. Perhaps he noticed that some of the 'kidsies' who were blindfolded and who could only carry two objects at a time anyway wasn't going to be an enormous bonus to his plans for world domination.
  9. Fear gloated, Mogdred merely threatened...
  10. And the number one reason why Lord Fear was better than Mogdred is... Fear wore a suit of skeletal armour, Mogdred wore a dress.

Mogdred was better than Lord Fear because...

Mogdred, the alter-ego of Merlin, as played by John Woodnutt in Series 2 of Knightmare (1988).

  1. He was able to take things seriously every once in a while.
  2. He never got squashed under a falling red dragon.
  3. He was a purist, didn't fool around with all that dirty cheaty technology stuff.
  4. Mogdred boomed when he spoke, Lord Fear always sounded smarmy.
  5. He never got beaten by anyone carrying an Eye Shield (Dickon doesn't count, he went up against Malice).
  6. He wasn't afraid to live in the same castle as his archenemies.
  7. Lord Fear kept getting beaten because he was always wasting time gloating during the final confrontation. Mogdred only gloated before the final confrontation.
  8. So what if Fear had henchmen? They included Sylvester Hands and Lissard.
  9. Fear lost five times in four seasons, Mogdred lost only two.
  10. And the number one reason why Mogdred was better than Lord Fear is... Mogdred never asked an Atlantean out on a date.

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