Knightmare board game by Milton Bradley games

The Knightmare Board Game

By Nicholas Lam

See a review of the board game and download the riddle book to test your Knightmare knowledge.

Game review

12-year-old Ossian Hawkes reviews the Knightmare Board Game manufactured by MB Games in 1991.

The game gets 10 out of 10 for layout. The board itself is colourful and eye-catching, although it's not that easy to distinguish one brown from the other.

The questions and riddles (all real Knightmare ones) were excellent, except some were too hard. After playing three or four games, though, we would have run out of riddles, so it would be a good idea to print more riddle books.

Pickle is a Pooka, of course, and on the board the Pooka is an enemy, so that needs sorting out. And they spelt Treguard's name incorrectly on the chance cards...

Also, one character from the game's second level is not featured on the card inserted in the box!

We gave it 6 out of 10 for easiness. It certainly shouldn't be any more difficult! Our game took us 2.5 hours to complete, which is a bit too long – although we did play it without any breaks at all, so it must have been exciting!

Overall the game gets 9 out of 10.

The Quest, Issue 3

In March 2000, Ossian signed the Guestbook

"My friend and I were just trying to find our own names on the internet. No luck for him, but I discover a 12-year-old incarnation of myself in your online copy of 'The Quest' reviewing the board game.

"David Learner is a family friend, which is how I got the lucky job of reviewing it all of 8 years ago. Thanks for putting my review online and making sure that no-one forgets Knightmare."

Box cover of Knightmare Board Game from MB (small).

Fun facts

The game board contains many rooms from Series 1-3. All featured on the TV show exactly as shown on the game board, except for one.

A room from the Knightmare Board Game by MB.

This room is based on David Rowe's versatile 'bland room' but was never seen with these bars and doors. Some teams did get trapped by portcullises, though!

Riddle book

We've heard from people who have lost their riddle book and are unable to find another copy. Fear not, friends. We've got scans here for you to test your knowledge.

DownloadGet the Riddle Book (1.28MB)

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