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Votecaster - What Do the Results Show?

By Keith McDonald

In the early days of, users could vote on different aspects of the show. The results were compiled together in 2001.

Back at the turn of the century, the results were quite striking in favour of the show's early years.

76% preferred the handpainted scenes by David Rowe over the outdoor castle locations. 70% preferred the original titles to the new version introduced in 1992, and a whopping 84% preferred the original skull lifeforce sequence to its successors.

Even when it came to the Knightmare gamebooks, the favour was stacked toward the earlier books that accompanied the earlier series. There's a noticeable drop-off for those that accompanied the 'outdoor' years. The first book, 'Can you beat the challenge?' polls highest, at 27%.

Lightning strikes over the castle in the original opening title sequences in Knightmare.

But the early years don't escape criticism completely. While the responses on offer were quite limited, over half the respondents (55%) said the show's worst challenge was over-difficult questions, which were a preserve of Knightmare's early years.

Blades rank best

Equally, it wasn't all bad news for the later years of Knightmare.

There was support for the Corridor of Blades as the show's best killing obstacle, with 47% of votes. The blades debuted in Series 4 (1990), when the outdoor locations and Eye Shield were introduced.

Scene two of the Great Causeway, as seen in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).

There is also some fondness for the hexagonal causeways, especially the three-stage 'Great Causeway' found towards the end of the Series 6 Dungeon. Only 4% of fans listed causeways as a worst puzzle.

In a slightly unexpected turn, the grimy Sylvester Hands topped the poll for Fear's best henchman (40%), with Atlantean seneschal Lissard (29%) slightly outnumbering Skarkill (25%).

Best memories

Back in the days of dialup internet, there had been very limited repeats of the show, and none on free-to-air television. Much of these responses relied on memory and perhaps the odd VHS videotape.

Now that we've had regular repeats and access to footage, what would your responses look like today?

Poll results

Best titles

Best titlesVotesPercentage
Series 1-516870%
Series 6-87330%

Best dungeon setting

Best settingVotesPercentage
Handpainted / CGI12476%
Outdoor / Castles3924%

Best life force

Best life forceVotesPercentage
Skull (Series 1-5)13984%
Skeleton (Series 6-7)2012%
Pie (Series 8)64%

Best causeway

Best causewayVotesPercentage
Great Causeway8858%
Causeway of Colours138%
Causeway of Elements3422%

Best dungeon killer

Best killerVotesPercentage
Corridor of Blades7847%
Play Your Cards Right1610%
Stained Glass Window74%
Team stupidity5131%

Best henchman

Best henchmanVotesPercentage
Sylvester Hands6340%

Worst puzzle

Worst puzzleVotesPercentage
Combat Chess2012%
Trial by Spikes2213%
Set-built Dwarf Tunnels2415%
Impossible questions9155%

Best gamebook

Best bookVotesPercentage
Can you beat the challenge?6127%
The Labyrinths of Fear4018%
Fortress of Assassins4620%
The Sorcerer's Isle209%
The Forbidden Gate157%
The Dragon's Lair157%
Lord Fear's Domain2812%

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