Courtroom trial watching knightmare


Knightmare appears regularly in print and on television, as well as a range of gaming and fantasy publications.

Our coverage charts the best appearances of Knightmare on TV, as well as the highlight features in news channels and popular magazines.

There's some excellent print coverage during the early years of the show. Since it ended in 1994, Knightmare has featured in a range of documentaries and is regularly raised as a topical reference in popular quizzes.

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TV & Radio

Watching Knightmare clips on a laptop with coffee. Adapted from photo by Nathan Ansell on Unsplash.

Knightmare has featured occasionally on television and radio since it ended in 1994.


A visual mockup of a dungeoneer in the dragon room, from Zzap Magazine's feature on Knightmare.

Knightmare has appeared frequently in the press and in a range of television, gaming and fantasy-based publications.