Coloured pencil set and partially completed drawing.
Photo by Javier Gonzalez from Pexels.

A Variety of Fanart

By David Goldstein

A selection of fan art from fans of Knightmare who were inspired by the show.


By Martin Williams

For many, the urge to write about or draw Knightmare is the natural consequence of watching it. Here we present a new piece of fanart from Martin Williams.

Treguard the Dungeon Master. Fanart by Martin Williams.
Treguard the Dungeon Master, by Martin Williams

It is none other than Treguard, Lord Dunshelm, Dungeon Master, in his garb from Series 1 and 2.

Prince Anglia

By Daniel Williamson

Here is a picture of my Knightmare Opening Sequence. I think many fans of Knightmare including former Children's ITV presenter Tommy Boyd, Creator Tim Child and the cast and crew are going to like this very much.

Daniel Williamson's picture of a Knightmare Opening Sequence features the young knight, Prince Anglia.
A Knightmare opening sequence, by Daniel Williamson

The animated opening sequence of Knightmare (Series 1-5) is very inspirational. The character, the young knight Prince Anglia with his weapon, the Broadsword and the Eye Shield was drawn by-hand and was scanned on to the computer and I coloured him in.

The realistic background and the castle was taken from various photos from the Internet, and I darkened the background making it look like it was night time and I pasted Prince Anglia into the picture.

Pickle and Family

By Elizabeth Mullen

Inspired by Pickle, Knightmare's friendliest elf, Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen (known as Picklemyfav on our forum) has created pictures of him and the elvish family we never got to meet.

They were created in Microsoft Paint, an illustration method that for many of us is almost as nostalgic as Knightmare itself. You'll notice some family resemblances among the elves.

Elizabeth introduces the family here.

Branson the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Branson the Wood Elf

This is Branson the wood elf. He is Pickle's father and is the boss of his clan.

Onion the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Onion the Wood Elf

Here is a picture of Onion. Pickle's mother and husband of Branson.

Pickle the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Pickle the Wood Elf

Here is Pickle. Treguard knows he can rely on Pickle when he needs the castle cleaned top to bottom, his old socks mended or help with starting a quest.

Bubbles the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Pickle's wife, Bubbles

Pickle's wife Bubbles. Pickle met her on a quest to find a missing sock of Treguard's. She helped him find it. It was love at first sight. That's why he left the dungeon and went to the forest.

Fish the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Fish, the first child of Pickle and Bubbles

This is the firstborn child of Pickle and Bubbles. Her name is Fish. She is very clever and hopes to work in quests in the dungeon one day. She is so much braver than her mum, dad and little brother Chips put together. She doesn't fear goblins and even has a goblin as a friend who has the name Flower.

Chips the wood elf. Fanart by Knightmare fan Lizzie Mullen.
Chips, the second child of Pickle and Bubbles

Here is Chips, the second born child of Pickle and Bubbles. Chips is so scared of things. He is so likely to run away from anything that moves, even a harmless dungeoneer, that some of the goblins taunt him with the phrase "Oh look, another dungeoneer". But Flower stops them when she sees them.

Pickle tells him and Fish stories about his time in the dungeon. That helps him cope with fear. A lot. Maybe one day Chips will become brave enough to wander out of the forest and head to a castle that he was too scared to come close to before.

Submit your own fan art

Here at we're always happy to see enthusiasts bringing their Knightmare appreciation to the fan community in story and picture form.

So if you have your own ideas about the looks and lives of Pickle and the other characters, you're most welcome to submit fanfiction and fan art of your own.

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