Comic Art Sketch. Photo by Khairul Nizam from Pexels.

Knightmare Funnies

By Nicholas Lam

Rainecloud has created a set of funny scenarios out of standard Knightmare dungeon rooms. Enjoy the captions.

Captions below

A funny scenario in the Corridor of Blades. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

The Corridor of Blades as it should have been. Oooh, nasty indeed.

A funny scenario at the Catacombite. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

Lillith was starting to get a bit extreme with her choice of spells, so this scene was cut from the ITV broadcast.

A funny scenario in the clue room. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"There's definitely some objects of interest here, team. Which will you take?"

A funny scenario relating to the pot of 'Uppers' and 'Downers' pills. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"Uppers, Downers, and ... something else interesting here, team."

A funny scenario with Treguard in the antechamber. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"Let's see how you fare, Treguard."

A funny scenario when facing the wall monster. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"You have delayed too long in this chamber... Now you must face 'Kittyas' of Legend."

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Corridor of the Catacombs

Series 2, Quest 9. Jamie from Leeds navigates the Corridor of the Catacombs as the floor disintegrates.

These sinister corridors appeared in the early series of Knightmare. They were riddled with hazards, from moving walls to disintegrating floors.

Series 2 Quest 3

Series 2, Quest 3. Christopher is intimidated by Mogdred as he examines clues.

Team 3: Christopher, Kenneth, Paul and Christopher from St Helens.

Bell and Bridge

The alternative bell/bridge entry room from Series 1 and 2 of Knightmare.

This room was an alternative starting room in the first two series of Knightmare. Dungeoneers had to trigger a bridge to reach the exits.