Comic Art Sketch. Photo by Khairul Nizam from Pexels.

Knightmare Funnies

By Nicholas Lam

Rainecloud has created a set of funny scenarios out of standard Knightmare dungeon rooms. Enjoy the captions.

Captions below

A funny scenario in the Corridor of Blades. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

The Corridor of Blades as it should have been. Oooh, nasty indeed.

A funny scenario at the Catacombite. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

Lillith was starting to get a bit extreme with her choice of spells, so this scene was cut from the ITV broadcast.

A funny scenario in the clue room. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"There's definitely some objects of interest here, team. Which will you take?"

A funny scenario relating to the pot of 'Uppers' and 'Downers' pills. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"Uppers, Downers, and ... something else interesting here, team."

A funny scenario with Treguard in the antechamber. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"Let's see how you fare, Treguard."

A funny scenario when facing the wall monster. A captioned image by Rainecloud.

"You have delayed too long in this chamber... Now you must face 'Kittyas' of Legend."

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