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The Quest 2.2: Knightmare Knews

By Keith McDonald

Latest news, including Knightmare actors supporting acting workshops at the Shakespeare Globe Museum.

Best caption competition

A caption competition image featuring Ah Wok and Julius Scaramonger in The Quest, the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers' Club. Volume 2, Issue 1.

Two good ideas for captions in the last issue came from Edward Greenberg who thought Julius Scaramonger was saying "No! I don't want a bottle of HP sauce" and the not quite so polite suggestion from Nicholas Zair - "Keep away from me with your bad breath, Ah Wok!"


Do you remember that we reported in the last issue that Sarah Halsall had spent her time at the Knightmare studio with her leg in a cast? Well just in case you didn't believe us, here is the proof - a photo of Sarah, dressed in this year's most coveted T-Shirt, with her cast and crutches in full view.

Advisor Sarah Halsall with crutches for The Quest, the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club. Volume 2, Issue 2.

Lord Fear's tempestuous time...

Mark "Lord Fear" Knight whipped up a storm at the Shakespeare Globe Museum on Saturday 30th January by giving 50 school children the opportunity to be apprentice actors for the day. Aided and abetted by other Knightmare cast Hugo Myatt, Clifford Norgate, Iona Kennedy and Stephanie Hesp the youngsters spent the day learning lines and devising costumes for scenes from The Tempest.

The Globe Theatre in Southwark, London.

By now, you should all have seen Craig Charles strutting his funky stuff on the set of Cyberzone (BBC 2, Monday 6.50pm). Here are some of the photos taken on the set before we started filming with our intrepid production secretary Andrea Jay, testing the equipment...

Behind the scenes shot of Cyberzone featuring Craig Charles for The Quest, the Official Newsletter of the Knightmare Adventurers Club. Volume 2, Issue 2.

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