Top deck of the Golden Galleon in Series 8 (1994).

The Quest 4.1: Editorial

By Keith McDonald

Looking ahead to the forthcoming Series 8, with breaking news that it could be the final series.

Well, well... It is nice to see you all again. I hope you enjoyed the last edition of The Quest and that you have been playing Knightmare Top Trumps avidly.

You'll be pleased to hear that this edition is even better. In fact it's everything you could possibly need as a companion to the new series, which begins on the ninth of September. (Hope this reaches you in time, but the old time transference spells aren't what they used to be.)

Here at Dunshelm Castle we're gearing up for another campaign against Lord Fear. Er... well, of course I myself am strictly impartial, as I have to chronicle all adventures that take place in the dungeons without bias. But just between you and me, I can't help hoping that Lord Fear comes to a sticky end. Just wishful thinking though, I expect. He's usually far too well prepared.


Rumours abound that he's invented some new monster of technomancy known as a Skeletron or some such nonsense (see more of Fear's dastardly plans).

I also hear tales of Lissard hauling some disgusting creatures across Time and Space (with Lord Fear's help, naturally) from his birthplace, Atlantis. They're horribly green and slimy, just like him, and are known as Miremen. They've certainly stunk out the lower levels , I can tell you. The fishmonger at Grimdale is happy though. Lord Fear's experiments with artificial tuna aren't going too well, and he's having to buy them in by the pound to feed the nasty things.

Miremen in The Quest, the Official Knightmare newsletter. Volume 4, Issue 1.

There are plenty of other new additions to the dungeon as well. Firstly a new trader by the name of "Honesty" Bartram has arrived recently. He claims to be of neutral alliance, but I'll be surprised if Fear hasn't got to him yet. But then again the more traders there are the better the buyers' market, I suppose. And in this case buyers mean dungeoneers.

Also recently arrived is Stiletta, who's been causing quite a stir. To be quite frank, she's a bit of a snob, but no-one really dares say anything as she's rather useful with the old magical throwing knives she keeps about her.

Stiletta could be a terrifying prospect for certain dungeoneers, since she is apparently on the lookout for a husband. She's certainly not loyal to the powers that be, but I have the impression that she's too proud and brave to become one of Fear's minions. Interview with Stiletta.


The third new addition is a rather nasty character named Snapper-Jack. No-one is quite sure how he got into the dungeon but he's a well known kidnapper or child-stealer who's decided to try his luck at dungeoneer-napping, with his giant butterfly net. Fortunately the rules of the dungeon dimensions will restrict him to taking only those who are fools. But don't ask me how he intends to tell those who are foolish from those who are not!

A 1994 character shot of Snapper Jack (Bill Cashmore).

Snapper-Jack is a bit of an unknown quantity here at Dunshelm, I'm afraid. Although we do know where he got his name from. He has been mauled several times by dragons and other such beasts, and one of these occasions a dragon completely bit off one of his forearms.

Unfortunately for Jack, the dragon's saliva must have been magical, because it caused his forearm to grow back in the form of a Snapdragon (named Snapper). Now the two are stuck with each other, and Snapper can be very unpredictable. Read more about both of them.

Also in this edition are interviews with teams from the forthcoming series, and a letter from a Knightmare fan who's not happy about the way things have been going recently.

The Last Series?

Finally, I regret to say that that there is a strong possibility that the forthcoming series of Knightmare may be the last. Despite its consistent position as one of the most popular children's TV series for eight years and also its continued innovation, this series has been cut to ten programmes, from fifteen.

From the hundreds of letters which we receive every year (and viewing figures of 4-5 million) we know that Knightmare is extremely popular. However, if you out there want to see another series, you may have to go straight to the top. If you write to us, we will pass your letters on to those in control of Knightmare's destiny. Believe me, you really can make a difference.

Enjoy the new series!

Cadrighan the Chronicler

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