Lord Fear casting a spell

The Quest 4.1: Lord Fear's Diary

By Keith McDonald

A week in the life of Lord Fear spells big trouble as he talks impersonations and new automated skeletrons.

A 1994 character shot of Lord Fear (Mark Knight).

Monday: It's been a sad day here in my dungeon vastness. Sad, but not for me. Oh no.

Dungeoneers are going down like nine-pins this season. I don't like to gloat (actually that's not really true, is it? I love to gloat) but when the call of the goblin horn sounds throughout the many levels of my dark world and dungeoneers tremble as my many minions search and snatch them for my delight - well I feel the satisfaction of a bad job well done.

Tuesday: Got another one. She was stupid enough to fall for my impersonation of Brother Strange, that old monk whom even I can't pierce the mystery of. But soon my technomancy will enhance my natural powers of magic and my supreme intelligence to such an extent that I will lay bare even his dark secret, whate'er it may be... Or maybe he's not that important. Who cares? I'm Lord Fear, master of all I survey. What's a wandering monk to me? If I should so choose I could wipe him from the face of whichever level he lurks in.

Wednesday: It has come! For days I wove dark webs of power as I created 'the Scurriers', short lived but magical creatures I sent into the places that exist between the levels. Places where things do dwell which even I might fear (I said might fear). The Scurriers (never seen, except in the corner of one's eye) were instructed thus - 'Go fetch me the mighty magical engines and incantations which will enable me to construct a new kind of being.' A being which is a meld of technology and magic - a Skeletron. The Scurriers have brought me the means. Now my awesome experiments begin...

Thursday: It's not working. I've sent it back. I'm not paying for this rubbish...

Friday: Lissard has come up with a 'cunning planness' but it seems to be a right troll's breakfast of a scheme. The stupid, fish-breathed bozo has captured a young maiden (some serving wench he enticed with money and fair words) and put her in peril. The only person who might save her is a passing dungeoneer, and the only way to save her is to cross a deep ravine whilst magic knives fly hither and thither. Heh heh heh. Only the spell SHIELD can save them now...

Saturday: Curses! Lissard the brainy (I think not) left the selfsame SHIELD spell in plain view in level three. Foiled again!

Smirk with Smirkenorff by Arlo Worts

A cartoon by Arlo Worts in The Quest, the Official Knightmare newsletter. Volume 4, Issue 1.

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