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Team 3: Simon, Simon, Jonathan and Steven from Yorkshire.

Team 3's quest reached the second level and lasted 34 minutes.

Level 1

The first room was the same introductory floor puzzle. This time, Simon must collect the pieces of the key in order to reveal the entrance.

The next room was the ledge by the Giant's lair.

Treguard: "Giants, if hungry, will occasionally eat you, but apart from that, not particularly anti-social, just unfortunately rather big. They also have appallingly bad breath."

The Giant was about to sneeze, so the dungeoneer makes a quick escape.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by the wall monster, Olgarth of Legend. Treguard's explanation stokes the animosity between the two (fairly intentical) riddling walls.

Olgarth: "Granitas is mere play by contrast, and unworthy to be called a rock."

The team score three and earn a bonus.

The next room was a bomb chamber, which the team negotiates well.

Episode three begins in Lillith's domain. She is delighted to see Simon and welcomes him across the causeway, before setting him a task.

Lillith: "Ahead of you, through the serpent's mouth, lies a chamber which is occupied by a Catacombite. This creature - if 'creature' you can call it - belongs to the lower levels. But some spiteful sorceror has brought it up here especially to annoy me. Its presence so near is very distressing..."

She gives the team a FREEZER spell and a FLARE spell to help them neutralise the Catacombite.


Using Magic

This was the first time that a team had been given a spell. Treguard gives the team instructions on how to use it.

One of you here amongst the advisers must take the role of spellcaster. To invoke the magic, the chosen one must call out in a loud clear voice 'Spellcasting', followed by the letters of the spell in the right order.

As expected, they encounter the vicious creature in the next room. They successfully cast FREEZER, the first spell ever used by a dungeoneer in Knightmare.

With the catacombite frozen, they make their escape underneath it through the back left-hand door (as advised by Lillith).

Then into the Corridor of the Catacombs, patrolled by the army of the dead. The symbol they have taken from the clue room matches one of the doors, so they choose the correct route.

The next room is very dark, so they made use of the FLARE spell to reveal the wellway. They climb in just as the flare extinguishes.

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