Team 4 and team 10 were the winning teams in series 2.

Team 4: Mark, Daniel, Matthew and Jonathan from Witney

Team 4 completed the dungeon in their quest to free the maid and took 40 minutes. They were the first team to ever win Knightmare, since no teams won in series 1.

The team collected the letters F R E E giving a final spell of FREE. As life force was on condition red, and no food was available, they quickly proceeded through the guillotine.

They then put the spell into use.

Freed the maid and mastered the dungeon.

Treguard: "Fantastic, you've done it, you've mastered the dungeon. Mark, you may remove the helmet. Spellcasting HEROES"

They were awarded the Silver Spurs of Squire Dom (for a picture, see the next winning quest).

Treguard: "You are the first of our young adventurers to ever master the dungeon"

[Team cheer]

Treguard: "Others will no doubt follow, but that glory will always be yours. I salute you, we all salute you."


Team 10: Julian, Vaughan, Becca and Mary from Banbury

Team 4 completed the dungeon in their quest to retrieve the talisman and took 39 minutes.

In the guillotine room, they picked up a sprite of energy to turn their life force clock from red to green, therefore getting plenty of time to walk through the guillotine. Now a jump into the unknown, until something appeared:

Treguard: "You have all the clues, and this is a place of magic. Come on team, Spellcast!"

Team: "Spellcasting: T A L I S M A N"

Treguard: "You've done it, you've mastered the dungeon, well done indeed"

Treguard presented them with a medal 'Anglia Television Silver Spurs 1988'.

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