The final team of Series 4 is rescued by Treguard as Christmas approaches.

Team 8: Giles, Robin, Andrew and Brett from New Forest, Hampshire

In Level 3, Giles has survived the Corridor of Blades, a collapsing bridge and the Block and Tackle.

See the team's progress so far.

Giles emerges on a high platform - it's the Transporter Pad.

Before the team can begin working out the puzzle, an animation covers the screen.

  • Pickle: "180-degree phase shift approaching. It’s the end of the dungeon!"
  • Treguard: "Don't panic now. The dungeon never ends, you silly sprite. It's just the end of this particular era."

Treguard spell-casts UNITE, which returns Giles to the antechamber.

Pickle: "It's not over, master. It's not over! Something awesome is approaching..."

It’s Merlin, who enters with a clap of thunder. He ridicules Pickle for cowering.

Merlin: "Only one thing approaches…"

He conjures up a wreath with candles as ‘Decks the Halls’ begins to play.

Merlin: "It is Christmas that approaches. In fact, it is almost upon us."

Merlin asks Treguard to 'do the honours'. The Dungeon Master spell-casts DISMISS.

Treguard: "Have a safe journey home, and a very Merry Christmas to you."

We later found out from the team that we didn’t see the ‘walking away’ departure because of a gesture from one of the team members.

Treguard: "And as for you lot, the season's greeting to you, of course. The path from you to here is closing now, just as the winter is closing in upon us.

"When will it reopen? Who knows? But the signs will be there, if you know where to look."

Gundrada is spinning her sword for the final titles, before dropping it at the end!

What did the team think of the 'Christmas' ending?

Giles: "We hated that. It was really childish and made us feel really uncomfortable. It was filmed in mid-august too."

Brett: "We recorded more than one ending; the floor manager explained this was due to selling Knightmare to other countries - including the USA and Spain - where it would not necessarily be Christmas when the series ended."

Hear more from the team.

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