The team in progress at the end of the last episode of Series 4 was Giles's team (Team 8).

After a very funny attempt at the Block and Tackle, the team entered the Transporter Pad room.


Pickle: "It's happening, master. It's happening. 180 degrees phase shift approaching. Its the end of the dungeon!"

Treguard: "Don't panic now. The dungeon never ends, you silly sprite. It's just the end of this particular era!"


"Spellcasting, U-N-I-T-E"

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Pickle: "It's not over, master. It's not over! Something awesome is approaching..."


Merlin: "Only one thing approaches."

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Treguard: "Spellcasting, D-I-S-M-I-S-S. Have a safe journey home, and a very Merry Christmas."


Treguard: "And as for you lot, the season's greeting to you, of course. The path from you to here is closing now, just as the winter is closing in upon us. When will it reopen? Who knows?

But the signs will be there... if you know where to find them."

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