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Team 1: Helen, James, Rachel and Craig from Sunderland.

The first quest of Series 4 was for the Cup and lasted 48 minutes.


Treguard finds a banana in the knapsack. He warns Pickle about aiding the dungeoneer.


Treguard: From this moment on, your friends must be your eyes. You may only see where your feet have taken you and no longer where the pathway leads...

Level 1

Helen begins on a narrow ledge above a valley. A revolving disc leads to two pathways bearing quest symbols. Pickle names this 'the place of choice'.

Helen crosses the disc a little aimlessly but exits perfectly off the other side.

She arrives at a raised drawbridge. A weeping face appears. Treguard introduces it as Dooris.

Treguard: "Truth will open it, and that's the only key that works."

Pickle teaches the team a 'calling'. This provokes a trial of 'true/false' questions.

The team score 3 and the drawbridge descends.

Into a green room, where Hordriss the Confuser waits at a table.

Treguard: "[Hordriss] stands neither to the right nor to the left. Doubly dangerous, therefore, for being neither good nor bad, he doesn't even acknowledge the difference."

Helen agrees a pact with Hordriss to find an object for him. In return, he allows her to take a shield.

  • Pickle: "'Tis the Eye Shield, master – the shield that can see for itself. That's a bonus to any quest."
  • Treguard: "A very valuable artefact, team, but a risky thing to bear in like all magic objects it does tend to attract the opposition."

Once Helen wears the Eye Shield, we see video footage of her progress between areas of the dungeon.

Treguard: It may take some time to make best use of its powers. For it to work best, it must get used to its wearer.

The Eye Shield shows footage of a forest pathway. Treguard remarks that the dungeon is constantly growing.

Helen arrives at a clearing. Motley the Jester and Mellisandre the Maid are playing chase.

Under threat from an approaching band of goblins, Mellisandre takes a route around the tree stumps that makes a hidden exit available.

Helen must follow to escape.

Into another clearing with an old oak tree and a stump containing clues.

The tree develops a face. Pickle describes it as a type of tree troll that may be known as Oakley.

It tests Helen with three questions (score: 2)

Following Oakley's advice, Helen takes a gold bar and a dagger, leaving behind a key.

She approaches a castle, which Treguard names the Fortress of Doom.

Helen bribes a dim-witted guard with gold to gain entrance.

A moving conveyor belt takes Helen to a wellway room, where an armoured guard is waiting.

Helen draws the dagger to make herself invisible.

It disorientates the guard as she climbs into the well.

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