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Team 3: Nikki, Corrina, Emma and Katharine from St. Albans.

The third quest of Series 4 was for the Crown and lasted 36 minutes.

Level 1

[Time out is called just two seconds into the quest.]

At the Place of Choice, Nikki is told to time her own exit from the spinning disc, which she just manages.

At the castle entrance, Nikki meets Dooris, the Weeping Door (score: 2). She advances through a lowered drawbridge.

In a green room, Hordriss the Confuser unnerves her by asking about her suitability for a job.

Treguard: "He's neither good nor bad, which means he may prove an ally or an enemy."

Nikki agrees a pact with Hordriss to retrieve the Dagger of Darkness. He furnishes her with the Eye Shield.

The shield guides Nikki through the Forest of Dun to a clearing.

Brother Mace is dining with an assassin, whom he names "Brother Silence". He tricks the killer by creating a "silencer" to knock him out.

Brother Mace: "You see that? He didn't hear a thing."

Mace escorts Nikki to Oakley's glen, where she is tested by the tree troll (score: 2).

She takes a bottle labelled SMALL and a bar of gold, leaving behind a talisman.

The Eye Shield leads Nikki to some ruins, which Treguard calls the remains of Dungarth.

Treguard: Once a proud palace of men and a sanctuary from the predators of the forest...

Fatilla the Hun is guarding. Nikki bribes him with gold.

Inside the ruins is a tiny door. The SMALL bottle shrinks Nikki enough to pass through.

At the other side, she finds Motley.

Motley: I've heard that small is beautiful, but this is ridiculous.

Motley has some 'grow-me-quick' from Merlin, which returns Nikki to her normal size.

Into the wellway room. Nikki clambers into the well under pressure from a haunting.

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