CITV 1990 continuity Jeanne Downs

Children's ITV - 1990

By Keith McDonald

A review of Children's ITV in 1990, particularly the autumn months when Knightmare Series 4 was broadcast.

Getting Downs with CITV

In early 1990, Jeanne Downs replaced Jerry Foulkes as presenter of Children's ITV and continued into the autumn with Scally the Dog.

Clive Warren presented the Children's ITV summer mornings show.

Jeanne Downs hosts Children's ITV in 1990.

There was also an updated set and titles for 1990.

The new Children's ITV titles for 1990.

Jeanne introduces episode 15 over the old title music.

Jeanne introduces 'Knightmare next'.

Right now, it's time for Knightmare, and four friends from the New Forest (that's in Hampshire) try their luck against the Dungeon Master.

Jeanne Downs

DownloadWatch Scally introduce the third episode. (644.58kB)

Competition Time

One of the new Series 4 characters, Gundrada (Samantha Perkins), appeared on CITV to announce the results of a competition.

Gundrada (Samantha Perkins) appears on CITV with Jeanne Downs in 1990.

She scares away Scally after telling him she enjoys cutting off heads - especially from dogs!

Gundrada (Samantha Perkins) frightens Scally on Children's ITV in 1990.

After the episode, Gundrada releases Scally once he threatens not to show Knightmare again!

DownloadHear Gundrada's appearance on CITV (127.74kB)

Fortress of Assassins

In 1990, the third Knightmare adventure game book, Fortress of Assassins, was published by Corgi at the price of £2.50.

Several adverts were shown at the end of Knightmare episodes.

An advert for the third Knightmare adventure game book, Fortress of Assassins in 1990.

See more about 'Fortress of Assassins'.

The end for Jeanne

In April 1991, Central regained production rights for Children's ITV, leading to the departure of Jeanne and Scally the Dog.

Speaking in 1998, Jeanne said that Scally now resides at the MOMI (Museum of the Moving Image) in Birmingham and is owned by someone from Live and Kicking.

It was a really fun time in my life and people still say to me that it was one of the best periods of Children's ITV.

Jeanne Downs

However, we did see Jeanne and Scally again at the CITV Birthday Bash in 2003.


See the TV schedules from Friday 7 September 1990 (the date of the first episode of Series 4).

A television schedule for BBC One for 7 September 1990.
The schedule for BBC One

A television schedule for BBC Two for 7 September 1990.
The schedule for BBC Two

A television schedule for ITV for 7 September 1990.
The schedule for ITV

A television schedule for Channel Four for 7 September 1990.
The schedule for Channel 4

Knightmare was the last programme of the week on Children's ITV during the 1990 series.

How did CITV look in 1991 during Series 5 of Knightmare?

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