The fifth team of Series 6 retrieved the Crown, completing their quest in 55 minutes.

Team 5: Ben, James, Alan and Nathan from Salisbury

Captain Nemanor sends Ben deep to Caverns of Gore using a WIND spell.

See how the quest has unfolded so far.

In the mines, Ben finds a scroll which reads ‘TRICK’ or ‘TREAT’.

Treguard explains that it’s a choice between spells.

They opt for TRICK. It summons Hordriss, who demands that Ben sends him back.

Treguard remarks that Hordriss’s own magic must be weaker so close to Mount Fear. So Ben demands something in return.

Ben: "Hordriss, you're at my mercy. What will you give me to let you go back?"

Hordriss eventually relents and offers a small spell called SPLASH.

Ben arrives at the Great Causeway. The scroll from Ariadne's Lair provides the beginnings of a safe path, but only some educated guesswork gets Ben to safety.

James: "Basically, we missed out something and we got it right by a complete guess."

The middle platform is an anagram of 'FIND'. Once Ben completes this sequence, more blocks appear.

Alan quickly identifies the word 'PATH'. The team just manage to direct Ben to the first safe square before the platform collapses.

Into a narrow cavern. The Crown is placed on a rock. Lord Fear appears on a ledge.

Treguard: "Extreme danger team. This would appear to be the final encounter."

Fear predicts Ben's demise.

Lord Fear: "There's the crown, but you can't get it without me swatting you with a fireball.

"Soon you'll begin to starve. I'm just going to sit here and watch you die."

Ben creeps towards the Crown. James spell-casts SPLASH which draws Lord Fear out of the screen and into his own Pool of Voracity.

Lord Fear: "Oh, very clever! Most amusing!"

Pickle says life-force is critical, and that they may not be able to redeem the Crown.

Treguard: "Find your way back and find it fast!!"

Ben enters the final tunnel.

The life-force skeleton moves to empty as Ben turns the last corner.

Pickle: "Come on Ben! Quick as you can! Run for it!"


Treguard and Pickle admire the Crown.

Treguard: "Such an ordinary Crown when you finally get to see it and hold it, but not at all ordinary if you know its history."

Treguard: "Even as I speak, your names are being written on a certain roll of honour, and there are very few names on that roll."

Hordriss appears in the Magic Mirror, holding a frightknight trophy.

Hordriss: "Congratulations... a rare victory. I think this artifact deserves a new ownership"

The frightknight is offered to the team to share, just as the adventure was theirs to share.


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