Level 3

We see the Tower of Linghorm for the first time. Majida describes it as magnificent.

We receive an over-the-shoulder shot of Daniel walking through the corridor.

The junction is patrolled by a Skeletron, which the team avoids.

Into the Level 3 clue room. The scroll reads "Welcome to Level 3. This tower is Linghorm. The Sword lies in Marblehead".

The clues are: a 'Sight' potion, a needle, a key, and a gauntlet.

They take the key and the Sight potion. Daniel makes his escape.

Into the watch tower. Daniel is greeted by a trader, who introduces himself as Honesty Bartram.

Trader: "Bartram’s my name and bartering’s my game."

Under pressure to make a quick trade, the team swaps the Sight potion for a SHADE spell. Bartram tells them that they will need to get on the Golden Galleon to get to Marblehead.

They board the ship in the next chamber. The decks are guarded by Miremen. The team spell-cast SHADE, which makes Daniel invisible so he can proceed below decks.

Spyglass: Fear is frustrated that Maldame is now lingering outside Marblehead.

Lord Fear: "She's already squatting in one of my properties. Now, she wants this one…"

Lissard says he has set Bhal-Shebah to guard the quest object. Fear explains that the dragon is schizophrenic and will be useless if this is discovered.

He gives Lissard the word key to Marblehead.

Daniel disembarks the ship to a mountainous area. Maldame is loitering in the background. When they approach her, it’s clear she wants the word key.

The team bargain hard. They exchange the word key for a gem that opens gates and the calling spell SAVANT (on the condition that Daniel does not summon her).

Maldame: "It will call any mage or sorcerer to you up to and including the fourth level of magic."

Daniel moves into the outer courtyard of the Great Fortress of Marblehead. The green gem opens the portcullis.

We follow the eye shield as Daniel passes through the foreboding tunnels of Marblehead…

… and ends up at the new entrance to the dreaded Corridor of Blades!

Treguard: "What Daniel needs is a Sight potion or a seeing-eye spell, but you've got neither. All you've got is a red key that you don't seem to need…"


They go into the slicer...

And meet a gruesome end.

Treguard: "Oooh, nasty."

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