Knightmare was part of a question on Pointless Celebrities last month.

Series 9 Episode 5 of Pointless Celebrities had, as its first question, UK game shows and their hosts' initials. Top of this list was, as it should be, Knightmare.

While none of the contestants seemed to know who 'HM' was, Iain Lee conceded that he should have. He has, after all, praised Knightmare on TV and in podcasts. Identifying HM would have scored him 2, meaning that out of 100 people surveyed, only 2 had been able to name Hugo Myatt. (Disappointing, isn't it?) Luckily, Iain was able to claim glory by identifying Turnabout's host as Rob Curling, giving his team a sought-after pointless answer.

The episode is available on BBC iPlayer here. For more about the connections between Knightmare and Pointless, see the entry in Interactive Knightmare's Lexicon.

While the BBC has never shown Knightmare, they have covered it in various programmes (Screenwipe, Children's TV on Trial) and had a question about it on I Love My Country in 2013.

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