An ITV game show has tipped its hat to a predecessor.

It seems Knightmare is enjoying further airtime on ITV, albeit in a question on this afternoon's episode of Tipping Point.

Funnily enough, our show also featured often hapless contestants going up against anachronistic technology. Ben Shephard is definitely no Hugo Myatt, but even he manages to wring some tension out of an overgrown slot machine. In the past he has presented also a revived Krypton Factor (a game show that started 10 years to the day before Knightmare) and Scream! If You Know The Answer. Many a Knightmare team must have thought about screaming when they didn't...

In the final round, Sam chose the category Children's Television and was asked this multiple choice question:

In which classic TV show was a dungeoneer, wearing the helmet of justice, guided round a castle by Treguard?
The Crystal Maze, The Adventure Game, Knightmare

Although Treguard himself did very little guiding, we suppose you could argue he guided the dungeoneers around Knightmare Castle before letting them loose in the dungeon. Sam got the answer right, went on to win the jackpot and wins bonus points (from us at least) for mentioning that she and her schoolfriend Louise wanted to be contestants.

Sam is a police support officer from Essex. For some people, Essex is the obvious word to follow "The only way is..." We, Sam and Treguard know better.

The episode is available to watch via the ITV Hub for the next month. The Knightmare question comes 33 minutes in.

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