Filming of spyglass sequence in Knightmare geek week


Here you can find a large amount of information about how the show worked

As a technical production, Knightmare was well-ahead of its time, but was also incredibly complicated due to its use of special effects and chromakey (blue screen). In the sections below, you can find more information about both how the show was made, but also the process required to get on to the show, including the audition process.

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Dungeoneer Halloween costume 2001 or 2003

Several contestants and applicants have written to us to tell us about their experiences of the show


Hugo Myatt appears in a documentary for Challenge in December 2013.

Interviews with cast and crew from Knightmare.


Old fashioned Knightmare intro credit sequence

From conception to its ending, the production of Knightmare had many twists and turns and took place over many years

How Knightmare was made

Filming of spyglass sequence in Knightmare geek week

Knightmare was technically complex, especially for a show that was originally devised in the 1980s.


Full-size logo graphic of the Knightmare Convention logo, 2014

The Knightmare Convention took place on 9-11 May 2014 at EPIC Studios in Norwich, where the show was originally filmed.