The Brollachan, a V-Actor character played by Anthony Donovan.

The Brollachan

By Keith McDonald

The Brollachan was a shape changer stolen by Lord Fear. It was robbed of all its knowledge and given the sole purpose to hunt down and destroy Smirkenorff.

The Brollachan was a shape-changing creature from Cornwall that moves through walls and bars.

It was stolen by Lord Fear, robbed of its knowledge, and ordered to destroy Smirkenorff the Dragon.

Treguard thought the Brollachan was extinct and was concerned with how they would get rid of it.

You will share knowledge with me and perhaps I will let you live.


Knightmare Series 7 Team 3. The Brollachan appears in a stone room in Goth.
The Brollachan halts a dungeoneer

The Brollachan was unpredictable and uncontainable. It defies Lord Fear's orders to kill dungeoneers and instead tries to regain its knowledge.

This meant it sprang up on dungeoneers through walls and asked three questions. Some were general knowledge; others were based on knowledge gained during the quest.

It could detect lies but not truth. If dungeoneers were convincing in their attempt at an answer, the Brollachan was satisfied.

The Celtic wizard, Grimaldine, attempts to regain the Brollachan and return it to his world. This proves difficult because the shape-changing creature is almost impossible to catch.

The Brollachan, a shape-shifting monster, appears in Lord Fear's chamber in Series 7 of Knightmare (1993).
Lord Fear gives orders to the Brollachan


The Brollachan fails in its mission to destroy Smirkenorff, but Lord Fear finds another use for it.

At the end of the series, the Brollachan creates a path so a giant troll can reach Knightmare Castle in full size.

The troll is defeated, pinning Fear and all his servants to the ground. The Brollachan will only help if Lord Fear restores his knowledge.


One unique element of the Brollachan was the use of pioneering technology called Virtual-Actor (or V-Actor).

This used sensors on an early virtual-reality headset to translate actor Anthony Donovan's facial movements into those of the Brollachan on-screen.

An image of the modeller's plaster cast for the Brollachan in Series 7 (1993)
An image of the modeller's plaster cast

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